Swindon’s Landlord Scheme

The accredited landlord scheme aims to provide recognition to landlords who achieve a decent standard of letting which meets or exceeds all legal requirements.

What is the accredited Landlord Scheme ?
This is presently a voluntarily scheme, setup by Swindon Borough Council’s Environmental Health Department to make sure that people renting out rooms in houses or HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation) meet and exceed a good standard of accommodation as well as management of their properties.  Houses which are subdivided into flats, bedsits or individual rooms are known as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s).  Some HMO’s however, often afford the lowest standard of accommodation with; poor standards of repair, amenity and management.  More information on HMO standards is available at this link: Swindon CouncilThe risk and consequences of fire can also be significantly greater in these dwellings. Landlords must have a complete interlinked main operated fire alarm system with fire extinguishers on all floors and fire blankets in kitchens

All too often people looking for good, affordable and well managed properties are presented with a poor choice. We support and actively encourage all potential tenants to seek out landlords, Landladies and Letting agents that are accredited and display the Swindon Borough Council accreditation logo.


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