Protecting Yourself

There are a number of ways to protect your property from intruders, the simplest method is by making your property less appealing than your neighbours, however, we don’t advocate you not keeping your property in good order, shabby chic isn’t a particularly good look in the current housing market.

“Beware of the Dog” Signs, even if you don’t have a dog will make a potential thief think twice.

Key lockable window locks on all downstairs windows and those accessible from a raised platform.

BS approved locks on all final exit doors, properly fitted and used.

Alarm Systems: Alarm systems can be broadly defined under 3 categories:

DIY/Standalone systems:  These are most commonly wireless systems bought from DIY outlets and fitted by the homeowner.  They are often relatively cheap but usually end up as wall ornaments that become an irritation to neighbours as they constantly set false alarms.  By law these alarms have to revert to silent mode after 20 minutes and are often ignored unless you have a pro-active neighbourhood watch; or nosy neighbours.

Category No 2 are the dummy boxes that contain a solar powered lamp that flashes to mimic the monitoring light.  These can act as a visual deterent but don’t expect much sympathy from your insurers if you are burgled.

Category 3 are the professionally fitted, monitored alarm systems that self check daily, are monitored by a third party who can verify an alert via a keyholder and can send out a security patrol if they get no response.  In addition they can be configured for fire/smoke alert and panic alarms.  In our opinion these are the only ones to consider.  This type of alarm can be hard wired or wireless and an annual maintenance programme is usually included in the agreement.

At Keyway Locks we do not supply or fit alarm systems due to the requirements of insurance companies for alarm installations to be certified, usually by the National Security Inspectorate as part of a NACOSS approval scheme.

UV or Smartwater security marking of valuable and attractive items and securing valuables in a safe.

Don’t leave ladders unsecured in the garden. Make sure sheds and garages are locked with high value items like bicyles independently secured to hard points on the wall.

If you’re going away, tell someone, get them to look in periodically and move the mail from the bottom of the letterbox. Buy light sensitive/timer switches that opertae a lamp or internal lights.

Cancel the milk/papers, don’t draw the curtains closed but do remove anything that would attract attention, such as laptops, gaming equipment etc  away from the windows.

If you have dark areas in the garden consider fitting IR activated illumination, don’t make it easy for a thief to lurk in the shadows.  If the budget runs to it consider CCTV.

If you need any advice or wish to discuss any of these points in detail we at Keyway Locks are willing to answer any of your questions and provide a no cost security survey of your home/premises anywhere within 25 miles of Swindon.


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