To combat lock snapping by using a cylinder upgrade alone then it has to be a TS 007 3* approved lock. There are other options such as using a 2* PAS handle or escutcheon and a 1* cylinder, or the preferred option of utilising a Sold Secure Diamond approved cylinder.

Essentially TS007 has 3 levels associated with it:-

  • 1 star – for cylinders (basic approval, no testing for snapping)
  • 2 star – for handles and other door furniture (e.g. security escutcheons)
  • 3 star – for cylinders (tested for resistance to snapping)

TS007 approved products carry the BS Kitemark. This indicates the product has been tested by a 3rd party and hasn’t simply been approved to the standard by the manufacturer themselves.

Remember if you have a mechanism such as a multipoint locking mechanism on a uPVC door, it is only as secure as the Cylinder fitted to it.