How Much

handing out billsAs I’ve already mentioned in other posts most people never have the need to call a locksmith and when they do they really dont know how to go about selecting one that will deliver a quality, reliable and cost effective service.

To select an appropriate locksmith I suggest you read our blog “Choosing The Right  Locksmith“.

One of the factors influencing your selection might be price, but don’t be lulled into thinking the cheapest quote/estimate will land you with the best person for the job.  Depending on where you are in the country, a local engineer should cost approx £40-£55 per hour ( more in large cities or when it might involve a long distance to travel).  This will also increase with the time of day, weekends and Bank Holidays so expect to pay approx £10 per hour premium after normal working hours, increasing again if its closer to/after midnight.

At Keyway Locks we typically charge £45+VAT for the first hour and then £20 per hour after that although our charges increase after 9pm and at Bank Holidays.  We do not ask for money up front for any job although a deposit may be asked for special orders, nor should you be expected to pay for second visits if the engineer doesn’t have the correct replacement parts.

Most Locksmiths advertise “No Call Out Fee” although some Nationals will specify a booking fee.  At Keyway Locks we mean No Call Out Fee, we also mean that if we can’t fix your problem then there is no charge.

Customers are sometimes tempted to buy their own locks on the internet, sometimes this is cheaper than we can supply, in many cases when you add on the cost of delivery and, often, purchase of the wrong part, it can work out more expensive. At Keyway Locks we carry a huge range of spares and can usually supply most parts from stock at about the same price as many of the DIY stores.

Don’t be tempted into accepting the first quote/estimate for your job; phone around and talk to at least three suppliers.  Listen to what they have to say about your job and pick one that sounds as though they know what they are talking about rather than the one who gives you the lowest price.  It’s amazing how the price can suddenly inflate after arrival on site.

In Swindon alone we have lots of “Locksmiths” who claim to offer all sorts of qualifications and skills at bargain prices only for you to discover their technique is to destroy your lock, or even the door, just to get you in and then offer you replacement locks you didn’t need in the first place.  Despite what is commonly thought, it’s not always necessary to drill and at Keyway Locks we have a policy that if we have to destroy a  serviceable lock for which you have a key indoors then we will replace the lock free of charge, how many other companies dare to offer that kind of service?

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