Bumping - What is it and Should I be Concerned

  • 07 Mar 12

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Periodically in a TV programme or popular newspapers, usually misrepresenting consumer focus, the subject of “Lock Bumping” is brought to the fore.

Ever since the 1970′s concerns were raised as to the security issues posed by ‘bump keys’.  We are unable to  explain the technical process due to security issues, however, gaining entry by using “Bump Keys” is not as easy as they make it sound.  First of all a specially cut key blank need to be produced and it has to be on the correct section to fit any given particular lock profile.  Therefore, any potential bumper needs to carry around dozens of different key profiles in the hope of having the correct one at any given time.

Secondly the act of bumping a lock is a VERY noisy procedure and not one that will be carried out without attracting attention;  it also requires a fair amount of skill.  Popular journalism would have you believe this procedure was more straight forward than is the fact.

There are products on the market that are claimed to be “bump proof”, in truth they can be considered only as anti-bump as almost anything can be bumped open given enough time, opportunity and skill.  At Keyway Locks we can supply Zero Lift Cylinders which have a cleverly designed pin which resists bumping, which we believe is better than any other product we have seen to date.

In addition to being ant-bump they also have anti-snap protection, a more realistic method of gaining entry and one requiring very little skill or resource by potential miscreants.

So, in conclusion should you be worried about “bumping”?  Review your environment and make an informed choice, if you live next to a busy thoroughfare, are at home most of the time, have mortice locks fitted and use them then you have little to worry about.  If in doubt then get us to come and have alook, it costs nothing.