Locksmiths - How do you know which one to call?

Many people never have the need to use a Locksmiths services but when you do you are faced with a confusion of which company is going to give the best service.  Of course having to decide when faced with a crisis isn’t the best time and it’s easy to understand that with hindsight you might have taken more care.

Here are some easy pointers in choosing a reliable, value for money Locksmiths:

DO NOT rely on calling a local number and think you’ll get a local locksmiths.  Geographical telephone numbers are available to buy and are often used by larger companies to give you the idea that they are local.  Always ask where the company is based, if they can’t or won’t tell you, or say they use local engineers then choose someone else.

ALWAYS try and talk directly to the locksmith.  Listen to how they answer your questions, do they sound as though they know what both you and they are talking about.  If they are vague or sound unprofessional then choose someone else.

TRY and get some idea of price.  It’s not always possible to give an accurate estimate without first seeing the job, however, the locksmiths should be able to tell you about any call out charges and fees appropriate to your enquiry.  At Keyway Locks we will often come out and survey your job and give you an onsite estimate without it costing you a penny.

DO NOT be influenced by the lowest price.  Cheapest isn’t always the best, you get what you pay for.  A low initial charge can sometimes result in a much higher final bill with add-ons such as hourly rates, stock charges etc.  Running a professional locksmiths company is expensive and you should expect to pay the going rate for a skilled craftsman, however, these should also be reasonable.  In the Swindon area you should expect to pay approx £40-50 for the first hour with a reduction in price for subsequent time taken.

A well managed company will have engineers who carry identification, a dressed in company clothing and are well presented, friendly and helpful.  Study the advertising they use and don’t be put off by large, sophisticated presentations nor persuaded that using small credit card sized advertising is better.  Companies use a variety of different media to capture their customers interest.  Use the pointers and consider which company you call matches the criteria, don’t be afraid to say no and don’t choose a company that just happens to be on the telephone right now.

At Keyway Locks we believe in delivering a great service at an affordable price.  We carry a large range of stock to service, repair and replace all types of locks.  We have an outstanding recommendation history from our customers which can be seen at Swindon’s Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme website.

As Locksmiths we are determined to represent our industry to the highest standards.



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